Customer Name: Patco Organics

Challenge: Find environmentally safe degreaser

Customer Inquiry : The Energy Services Division of Patco Organics contacted the research team at CustomChemPack seeking an environmentally friendly degreaser to use for compressor and equipment cleaning in the oil and gas industry.  Currently available products were washing off the equipment and collecting in the surrounding soil… creating a potential EPA problem.  Customer was seeking a fully biodegradable degreaser that would easily degrade using currently available enzyme and microbial remediation products.

Resolution : The product development team created a powerful degreaser formulation that proved to be very effective in removing grease… while being 100% biodegradable.  As an added value, this new product is 90% derived from available plant resources available from a local company manufacturing biodiesel and other plant based chemicals.  Because of this formulation’s unique surfactant properties, this new product is showing great promise for use in cleaning concrete and as an agricultural soil wetting agent.  Commercial development and distribution is expected.

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