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Amarillo Company Offers Help to Central Europe

(Amarillo, TX)  Graham Towerton (President/CEO) of CustomChemPack, a custom chemical formulation and private label branding manufacturing plant based in Amarillo, TX announced this week a new marketing effort to help former Soviet bloc countries deal with the severe environmental degradation issues left over from both the Nazi and Russian occupations during the last half of the last century.  "The disregard for the land and its people was unbelievable," said Towerton from his office headquarters at G&M Global Enterprises, Inc, the parent company of the custom chemical packaging operation.  "Vast areas of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are in need of environmental remediation... and the technology that we've developed here in the US... specifically here in Texas... can help lead the way to safe and cost-effective solutions as these countries join the European Union and become full participants in the global economy."
Towerton explained that the need for environmental cleanup was especially urgent as the central European countries joined the EU and have a very short time to meet the stricter environmental regulations dictated by Brussels.  "This is really a situation where American ingenuity leads the way... and it allows us to create more business activity and more jobs here at home.  The fact that an Amarillo-based company is touching this many people from around the world might have been unthinkable just a few years ago.  This is really very exciting for us and the community."
Towerton and CustomChemPack has been working with Los Angeles-based marketing consultant Michael David McGuire, who claims clients and contacts across a wide sweep of the world.  "McGuire is a very interesting guy... who knows a lot of people in important markets across the globe.  When he first talked to me about what he had seen in the Czech Republic, I knew I needed to fly him in to Amarillo to see what we were doing with custom chemical formulations and new biodegradable soil remediation products.  This has opened some really wonderful doors for us...  and has the potential to help fuel economic development here at home."
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