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Methyl Bromide Now Illegal for Agriculture

(Amarillo, TX)  In a move that may have wide-ranging repercussions in the agricultural industry across all of North America, the Sate of California has moved to ban the use of all methyl bromide as a plant fungicide effective 1 January 2008.  "The effect on farmers and their crop production has the potential be devastating, but this supposed bad news may ultimately be really good news for farmers, their overall yields...and for business development right here in Amarillo," said Graham Towerton (President/CEO) of CustomChemPack, an Amarillo-based custom chemical formulation company specializing in alternative solutions for industry and agriculture.  "What we intend to show farmers in California...and across the world for that matter... is that they can ditch the harmful petro based chemicals and work with products that are both more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly."
"The key to higher yields and better, more profitable crop management is to work to boost the plant's own natural defenses against pests and disease.  By working with nature through the use of carefully crafted microbial custom blends and other less harmful products, like humates, we can increase soil nutrition, organic content and moisture retention.  These new techniques are really exciting... and they really work."  Towerton has a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and has worked in the oil and gas industry and with agricultural issues around the world.  "The farmers in California think they have a big problem, but we are coming to them with an easy,  custom blended solution."
Towerton has built a successful custom chemical blending and custom labeling operation by working closely with other innovation businesses.  "Just this past week our team met with Wayne Tucker of Bio-S.I. Technology and Bob and Derek Patton of Patco Organics, two companies which are leading the way in healthier agricultural alternatives.  By working with their expertise we will be showing California growers that they can improve plant vigor and increase yields... while reducing their use of expensive petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides and banned fungicides.  The future of agriculture is now... and we're helping make it happen right here in Amarillo."
For more information and media inquiries, please call Trae Richerson at (806) 373-6082. CustomChemPack is an equal opportunity employer and is always looking for new solutions to the challenges faced in the home, in industry and in agriculture.
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